Meet Ecomobix: Your Shared Mobility Workforce Solution

Now that you’re aware of the robust technology offerings in our mobility platform – artificial intelligence included – we can discuss some of the more man-powered aspects of your carshare operation. If you missed it, be sure to read Part 1 of this post here.

Shared Mobility Workforce Solution

Workforce Recruitment

Eco Dispatch, the world’s smartest dispatching system, was created with technician, fleet manager, and member in mind.

Eco Dispatch provides the workforce management tools for maximum efficiency when it comes to the technology offers, but we can also provide or train the employees to successfully run your carshare operation in certain scenarios. Over time, many carshare operations have learned that recruiting the correct staff and filling the correct positions is critical for long-term success and member satisfaction.

For example, the minimum roles needed to run a station-based carshare include:

– Crew for refuelling, recharging, and cleaning vehicles
– Lost property managers
– Crew for maintaining and servicing vehicles
– Specialists for telematics installation/maintenance
– Crew for in-fleeting vehicles i.e. ensuring all vehicles are decalled with valid licence plates
– Crew for rebalancing vehicles, ie. moving car from parking zone A to parking zone B

In free-floating carshare operations, all of the above employees are needed, as well as more dynamic staff to move the vehicles around to the various locations within the home zone.

Smart Ticket Algorithms

Our mobility platform has taken into account the complexity of assigning tickets to technicians, and has revolutionized this process with our smart ticket algorithms. While many carshare operations outsource this task to valet services who then use a spreadsheet for ticket-assignment, you can see the potential problems associated with this method.

Instead, Ecomobix has found a far superior way. Our Eco Dispatch software tracks the location of on-duty technicians and has available data as per their whereabouts when they’re on-shift. The system then assigns tickets such as cleaning, refuelling, and rebalancing based on the most appropriate vehicle based on location, thereby saving countless hours and dollars. Eco Dispatch will also group smart-tickets on the same vehicle to reduce re-visits and further save labour costs.

Vehicle Inspection

The Eco dispatch app is created with technicians in mind, and makes the vehicle inspection process that much more advanced. This app allows technicians to take pictures and mark any damages in or on the vehicle, which is then linked with the white label front end mobile app where a user can also mark a vehicle location if they’re in a crash.

Customer Support

In addition, we partner with vetted carshare customer support services who have agents specifically trained on the use of car share. When matched with a suitable partner for your carshare operation, the agents will have access to the Ecomobix platform, allowing them to unlock vehicles and make necessary changes for the members.

While artificial intelligence is surely taking over certain tasks and improving upon many others, it’s critical to ensure that you have both tech and man-powered tasks fully covered when launching or improving upon your carshare operation. Ready to learn more about the successful launch of your operation? Click here to book your demo.