Telematics to Mobility Platform: Getting to Know the Ecomobix Carshare Technology

Bringing the tomorrow of mobility to the market today, Ecomobix carshare technology brings more offerings than might at first meet the eye. Whether you are a new carshare operation, a disruptive ride-hailing venture, or a future-forward autonomous fleet provider, our tech offerings are revolutionizing what it means for both the owner and member of a carshare operation.

Ecomobix Carshare Technology


Ecomobix is partnered with the best telematics hardware providers to bring you a bespoke solution that fits your needs. As a non-biased party, we match you with the perfect telematics provider from our list of vetted partners.

Telematics partners for carshare operations range from:

Physically installed telematics hardware

Cloud-based telematics

Whereas the RFID reader is installed on the dash of the vehicles for locking/unlocking features for your members, the telematics provide much more robust and critical applications such as turning off the engine and communicating odometer readings as well as monitoring when the sunroof or windows are properly closed.

These telematics applications allow for detailed communications from vehicle to platform which helps to provide a truly bespoke service for the customer.

Mobility Platform

Mobility 2.0+ can be discovered in the Ecomobix mobility platform, which stands as the first innovative platform since the introductory carshare operating system. Ecomobix is the first system which uses real-time vehicles, people and places data to maximize the customer experience and convenience for the customer.

Eco Dispatch for Workforce Management

This mobility platform is linked to Eco Dispatch, the world’s smartest dispatching system, which allows for you to understand where the vehicles in your fleet are as well as where your staff are located.

With this knowledge, technicians can move vehicles to hot zones more efficiently and can be specifically allocated with tickets (such as fuelling/cleaning) based on their current whereabouts. Eco Dispatch is the first dispatch system to combine tickets, and with understanding technician location helps to reduce labour expenditure by up to 66% than a traditional dispatch system.

AI Machine Learning for Predictions and Suggestions

With Ecomobix, our mobility platform learns and in time will take tasks off the hands of your fleet manager through artificial intelligence machine learning. This means that, with time, you won’t require as many (if any) fleet managers the more vehicles you scale to.

Based on patterns learned over time, the platform will provide your fleet manager with recommendations on tickets and suggestions for moving the vehicles to hot zones to boost possible additional revenue.

Before sending the recommendation, the software calculates costs involved such as in moving, cleaning, and refuelling the vehicle and deducts this from the potential added revenue from the hot zone, a calculation no human brain could master so instantaneously.

Once the suggestion is deemed worthwhile by the AI, it sends a message such as: “Would you like to move car from zone 2 to zone 6 and generate an estimated $97 additional revenue?”

Based on in-built features of the end user mobile app (see below), our mobility platform also learns for the purpose of predicting traffic patterns and parking availability. Understanding customer trends intimately, our platform is able to provide real-time parking suggestions to members based on the cold and hot zones, times of day, and nearby parking availability at the destination where the member is heading.

End User Mobile Apps

We offer fully white-labeled and customizable end user mobile apps with incredible features that no other apps have, such as:

  • In-built navigation system, which means your members don’t need to switch in-between Google Maps
  • Suggestions for available parking at your member’s destination, offered by our AI machine learning

With AI at our side, and behind our technology, these offerings could mean a world of difference for your carshare or ride-hailing operation in time-management, customer satisfaction, and revenue. Go here to read Part 2 on the man-powered aspects of our offerings.