About Ecomobix.

Our powerhouse that streamlines shared mobility efficiency, Ecomobix is an end-to-end mobility solution for carsharing, ride-hailing, and autonomous vehicles, providing a scalable end-to-end platform for those entering the shared mobility space.

 With the power to transform a fleet of vehicles into a carshare operation, Ecomobix is the ideal integration for forward-thinking dealerships, car rental operators, government fleets and OEMs. And, unlike our competitors, Ecomobix offers an open API app marketplace, as well as a choice of telematics, client booking system, and operations dashboard – in-built with the world’s only intelligent mobility fleet optimization tool.


William Tang

CEO: Vision, Strategy, Growth, Execution.

Henry kim

COO: Operations, Execution

Samson Mui

President: Business Management, Execution

Sandra Phillips

CPO: Product & Strategy

Hayden Pham

Sales and Marketing Manager