How do I dynamically measure supply/demand?

What is my relocation strategy?

How do I run a promotional campaign during launch?

How do I determine the home zone?

What about street-sweeping & parking?

How smart, scalable & flexible is my technology provider?

How do I optimize utilization?

The mobility problem

Too many crucial questions are left unanswered...

Who are my key vendors?

How does this impact you?

  • Less customer ready vehicles.
  • Poorly located cars.
  • More expensive labour costs.

Unhappy customers.

Poor brand perception.

Reduced revenue.

The Solution

  • Ecomobix is the most
  • intelligent and efficient
  • carshare operating system
  • on the planet.

How is this possible?

This is done by providing the only end-to-end carsharing platform:


A brilliant engine

Mobility Platform

End User Mobile Apps

Workforce management

Vehicle Inspection

Customer support


Ecomobix has been on the ground with Ecoservice, providing award-winning carsharing experience since 2011. This gives us invaluable experience into what the best-in-industry really means and how to operate at the optimal level.

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